Medical and Laboratory Equipments

Medical Equipments:

Induko is one of the leading suppliers of practice supplies and medical equipment in the MENA Region. We supply GP practices, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners, hospitals and medical facilities of all types, with a full range of medical supplies and medical equipment. Whether you are looking to procure supplies for a GP surgery, physiotherapy clinic, gastroenterology practice or nursing home – at praxis, doctors of all specialities, physiotherapists and alternative practitioners are guaranteed to find the right equipment
for their medical practice.

ECG monitors, ultrasonic device, spirometers, audiometers, dermatoscopes, pulse oximeters, and many other medical devices from well-known manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, Mindray, Maico, NONIN or Biocare can be purchased at low prices and in short time.

We offer high quality medical devices for general practitioners, cardiologists, gynaecologists and other specialists. Our medical technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have about medical equipment and provide competent advice on all aspects of medical software and hardware for your medical practice.

Laboratory Equipments

We act as consultant and supllier for your laboratory equipment in very professionell maner.
Get in touch with us. We will certainly find out togetherhow we can realize your project.

We also often start with a small talk on a topic of your choice and then discuss everything else. We can arrange our consulting and workshop services at your location.

Do not hesitate to contact us or send us your request, we take immediate

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