InduKo GmbH not only presents product manufacturers of the oil and gas indutry as expert in export consulting and distribution, but also supports EPC-Contractors who operate in the MENA Region &amp and Europe.
The idea of supporting EPC-Contractors is the result of our many years of experience supplying EPC Contractors through european manufacturers and we know exactly where it really makes sence to accept our support.

Every EPC-Contractor knows the critical situation by end user, if the precommissioning is not possible or is stopped because an Item is not yet delivered from vendors or the vendor itself is also waiting for this Item from Sub Supplier.

And it is precisely in such a situation that we have a strong team, that can operate locally in MENA or in Europe to solve this, so we offer EPC-Contractors the following service with reasonable cost effect:

  • Advising of reputable vendors for items of your scope of work through live and local inspection of the capacities of the vendors in Europe before placing of purchase order
  • Participation in Kick of meeting after PO awarding by vendors througout Europe
  • Participation in Pre-Inspection Meeting by vendors througout Europe
  • ARH Approval in Algeria
  • Expediting:
    • Prodcution schedule monitoring and/or speed up orders with your suppliers
    • Continuous support of your orders from order placement to shipping
    • Proposal of proposed solutions in the event of discrepancies in term of deadlines or quality

For EPC-Contractors who want to operate in some special markets, we can also organize Joint Ventures with local contractors to make the start easier, so we consider ourselfs a door opener and take care of all process by our local specialists

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